Antarctica: Pure artisan ice cream, freshly made every day

Everything produced at Antarctica is made with passion and quality. All the ice cream in this ice cream parlour on the promenade of Santa Eulària is made according to traditional Italian techniques. All the flavours are prepared in the artisan way and are freshly made every day. At Antarctica, which opens from April to November, every ice cream is made from scratch, with the best quality products, either sourced locally or from overseas. There are no additives in any of their products. For example, to make ice cream with pistachios or hazelnuts, the nuts are first toasted on-site and then ground to achieve the paste, which is then added to the ice cream. Antarctica always tries to make its products from seasonal products, often as not originating from Ibiza. The watermelons, melons, lemons, oranges and figs from the island are just some of the products used in the naturally prepared flavours.


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