La Gaia: the perfect combination

La Gaia, the flagship restaurant located in the Ibiza Gran Hotel, is starting the season with a brand new gastronomic concept. With an honest culinary proposal, where Óscar Molina, executive chef and the brains behind the project, reveals his most personal side while transmitting his experiences, memories, emotions and assertions through his creations. The Mediterranean Kaiseki philosophy has reached Ibiza’s coast.
Conchas de cangrejo azul. LA GAIA
Beef tenderloin log with roast aubergine. LA GAIA
With Japanese influences based on the Kaiseki tradition that convert the dinner into an authentic ceremony, where each detail, colour, texture and flavour are harmonised on the plate to express and enhance the true taste of each ingredient. In this new phase Óscar Molina is going to delve into and incorporate his local surroundings into his cooking. Thus, Ibiza, the Balearic Islands and the Mediterranean will feature strongly on the menu. Desserts like Santa Inés, prepared with a base of carob caramel mou, served with Ibizan herb ice cream and mint gelee, transports the diner directly to the Ibizan town it is named after. Other dishes such as the stingray ravioli with marinated razor clams or roasted aubergine puree and tsume foam highlight products of great quality, albeit ones that are unjustly underrated, like stingray for example.    
Falso risotto de piñones. LA GAIA
Pine nut faux risotto. LA GAIA

Techniques and ingredients

This season, diners at La Gaia can enjoy the ritual that Molina and his team have created, blending the best of this Japanese technique with Mediterranean techniques, ingredients and influences. The end result is a perfect fusion between haute cuisine and artistic expression, all prepared with the crème de la crème of fresh local produce. By introducing the Kaiseki ceremony, La Gaia has created a sensory, enveloping journey that appeals to the five senses and transcends the gastronomy. Therefore, this season diners will become immersed in a global experience that begins right at the time of booking. “We don’t stop at merely offering excellent food and high quality service. We want to make a difference by treating our customers to special moments and delighting them with personal care and attention, making them feel right at home,” declares Molina. Óscar Molina’s self-exigency and curiosity for trying new techniques, products, textures and flavours, as well as having an element of surprise, have been the driving forces behind him going way beyond his previous adoption of Nikkei cuisine, by adapting this concept. Mediterranean Kaiseki is the result of his constant strive for excellence and sophistication, by offering a ceremony where the flavours take centre stage. The chef assures us that, “the new gastronomic proposal at La Gaia is my most personal project to date; it speaks volumes about me and my surrounding environment. Every dish is a reflection of my travels, experiences, knowledge and influences. We also have a vibrant menu, which will progressively evolve and vary with the season.”


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