David Grussaute: «our aim is to create experiences»

The gastronomy is centred on technique and local quality produce at Unic Restaurant, an establishment that puts a fresh new twist on Ibizan cuisine, both conceptually as well as creatively. The kitchen is headed by French chef David Grussaute, who trained at the Bordeaux Cooking School, and who mixes technical mastery with local products.

What new things are you bringing to the menu at Unic this season?

Bearing in mind that using locally-sourced produce is the ethos that underpins our cooking, our latest additions this year are the actual techniques we use with these products, and how we reinterpret traditional recipes from an innovative point of view. This is how we intend to make a difference and create unique gastronomical experiences. In this context, for example, we have introduced posidonia seagrass to our tasting menu, as well as our own version of the classic sofrit pagès.

You continue to focus on creativity with local produce, why is this?

Creativity is at the very heart of our cuisine. We use local products to create our unique vision of gastronomy. What we produce at Unic, you can only find here at Unic. That’s why it is important for the diners to understand that what they are eating has been created by someone who enjoys cooking and researching the products of the land, with sincerity and precision.

What dishes would you highlight on the menu?

From our classic dishes I would recommend: free-range chicken and Ibizan red prawn cannelloni; ‘cap i pota de porc eivissenc’ (traditional Ibizan tripe stew); roll of duck foie gras stuffed with apricots and marcona almonds; or our version of Ibizan fish ‘bullit’ (similar to a bouillabaise). Some new dishes on the tasting menu include highlights such as: ‘ses cabretes’ goat cheese and neck of suckling lamb, and the Ibizan posidonia seagrass dashi, all of which are surprising and delighting our guests.  width=

What has changed at Unic in recent years? How has it evolved?

I started as executive chef in Migjorn Ibiza ten years ago and I have been adapting the cuisine according to the hotel’s needs. Over the past few years the management have decided to change the gastronomy and move towards a unique gastronomic concept, which I am enjoying immensely as I watch the customers appreciate a job well done, created with lots of dedication and passion for the island’s gastronomy. Because ultimately, our goal is to enjoy making our customers happy.

How do you see the future of restaurants in Ibiza?

Restaurants in Ibiza are experiencing their finest moment, although I believe that institutions and the media should give more value to the local products and to those of us who endeavour to shine a spotlight on them. In this regard, Ibiza is a gastronomic destination that could become even greater if we joined forces, and moved in the right direction. This could be the key to promoting the deseasonalising of the island in the future.


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