Montauk Steakhouse Ibiza: the seduction of meat

Montauk Steakhouse Ibiza: the seduction of meat

Montauk Steakhouse Ibiza at the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel is a meat lovers paradise. Here is where the grill comes into its own. Every last detail has been designed to enhance the joy of eating and enjoying meat. The chilled display cabinet contains an array of some of the best national and international cuts of meats. All the meat is aged in a Himalayan salt chamber, in perfect temperature and humidity conditions. But Montauk Steakhouse Ibiza isn’t just measured in terms of rare, medium and well done; the restaurant also shines a spotlight on fish and seafood products, such as scallops, lobster, salmon and sea bass.

The best cuts of meat. photos: MONTAUCK STEAKHOUSE IBIZA

The gastronomic proposal at Montauk Steakhouse Ibiza revolves around juicy, mouth-watering premium cuts of meat chargrilled and smoked over coals with wood from fruit trees. Guests here will find an exquisite range of garnishes, tasty starters and vegetarian and fish suggestions.  

El salón de Montauk Steakhouse Ibiza, en The Ushuaïa Tower. MONTAUCK STEAKHOUSE
The dining room at Montauk Steakhouse Ibiza in The Ushuaïa Tower.

Excellence and care are the winning ingredients of the Montauk Steakhouse Ibiza. The secret to a great chargrill is a combination of excellent product and natural cooking, without any deviations. Montauk Steakhouse Ibiza is open every day during the season from 19:00 to 00:30. It is advisable to book ahead on tel: +34 626 38 4378 or email:

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